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Samsung is the world's largest memory supplier and the preferred provider for a majority of OEMs across the globe. By embracing a broad range of DRAM solutions that are optimized for most computing and server systems, Samsung is able to address the ever-increasing complexities of computing requirements. Samsung's DDR2 and DDR3 are the main memory types used by the majority of servers today.

Samsung computing DRAM is best suited for deployment on servers, and demonstrates some of the following important advantages:

  • Low power consumption levels: Samsung DRAM memory, such as DDR2 and DDR3, operates at very low voltages, significantly reducing power consumption - an important advantage for applications, such as server farms.

  • Higher speeds and bandwidths: Samsung's latest DDR memory provides data rates as high as 1,866 Mbps, enabling servers to process and respond to incoming data requests on the fly.

  • Small form-factors and physical sizes: The latest fabrication technologies (such as the 20-nm fabrication process) used for DDR3 memory chips reduce both the count for total number of chips going into the server and the board space occupied by chips within the server.