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G.SKILL – High performance gaming DDR3 & DDR4 memory


G-Skill are one of the world’s leading high performance memory manufacturers. They are consistently voted for by gamers globally as the brand of choice for high frequency and low latency memory modules. G-Skill’s competitive advantage comes from their absolute dedication to R&D and close collaboration with motherboard manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. Their 3 step testing procedures and pre-qualification of multi-module kits also ensure outstanding performance alongside strong reliability.


Although they have a comprehensive range of solutions from world record breaking speed modules and kits down to DDR1 solutions, at M2m we focus heavily on the family of products that we feel will have the greatest appeal.



The RipjawsX family is now universally renowned for its quality, product headroom, aesthetics, and product specification appeal for both Intel and AMD platforms. This family has been our fastest selling range for 2013.



The TridentX is recognized by the enthusiast community as the benchmark for Extreme Performance, extreme aesthetics, and some of the most aggressive pricing of any manufacturer for 2133mhz, 2400mhz, and 2800mhz Modules and Kits.


Value NT Series

The value NT series is the cost effective, non heatsink range of desktop and SoDimm’s that we carry that are only marginally above value oem module. For extra few pennies G-Skill provide the same through testing procedure for its value modules as its top end world record breaking sku’s


Ripjaws 4

G.Skill have again pushed the performance envelope with new DRAM technology. The Ripjaws 4 range has been introduced for the launch of the Intel X99 platform and from the start G.Skill will have options all the way up to 3000MHz. As per all previous new architecture and speed breakthrough’s G.SKILL high speed desktop memory family consists only highly selected hardware and validated with the most rigorous testing process. It delivers superior performance, quality and compatibility for PC gamers, performance workstations, enthusiast power users and anyone who loves the cutting-edge of technology!


Ripjaws 4 will be the World’s most powerful and fastest DDR4 memory, at the lowest latencies, available in the market for X99 launch. Extreme overclockers look no further. Ripjaws 4 will push your system to the limit that was once unimaginable.


Trident Z Series

Building on the strong success of G.SKILL Trident series, Trident Z series represents one of the world’s highest performance DDR4 memory designed for PC enthusiasts and extreme gamers. Using only the best-in-class components and featuring luxurious hair-line finish aluminium heat-spreaders. Trident Z series is the state-of-the-art DDR4 solution that combines performance and beauty for PC enthusiasts and extreme overclockers to build an ultra-fast PC or achieve new overclocking records.


Trident Z RGB Series

G.SKILL Trident Z RGB series is one of the world’s most revolutionary RGB lighting DDR4 memory kit. Featuring a complete row of LEDs brilliantly displayed through an uncovered full-length light bar, Trident Z RGB series is capable of displaying a wide range of vivid colors. Along with the strong foundation of G.SKILL overclocking memory development technology, highly screened components, and custom 10-layer PCB, the Trident Z RGB series is the ideal DDR4 solution for building an extremely stylish performance PC.


Flare X Series

G.SKILL Flare X series DDR4 memory is designed for maximum compatibility and performance with the latest AMD Ryzen processors. Equipped with an aggressive anodized aluminium heatspreader design, Flare X is the perfect choice for a variety of applications, ranging from simple memory upgrades to building your dream gaming rig or a high performance workstation PC.