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Samsung Green Memory Solutions


Samsung's Memory Business offers the industry's most advanced and extensive range of memory semiconductor products. As a leader in both the design and manufacture of memory semiconductor since 1993, the business provides key memory products including dynamic random access memory (DRAM), static random access memory (SRAM), NAND flash memory, Solid State Drives (SSD) and a range of green memory solutions for use in PC, server and mobile applications. Samsung is also leading the industry in advancements of next generation DRAM and NAND flash technologies while nurturing future memory technologies.

Through aggressive business strategies and consistent investments, Samsung achieved and has maintained its market leadership position in memory industry since 1993.

More recently Samsung has led the way in innovation and design with the concept of green memory specifically for the data center and corporate markets, Today, more and more data centres are embracing extremely fast, energy-efficient IT systems and system components, to better support the client and server markets, along with the virtual and cloud enterprise Infrastructure behind them.

IT management too are also driving today’s business transformation initiatives, Big Data systems, VDI and other high-performance Enterprise platforms in cloud infrastructures, rack-designed systems and virtualized environments. Increasingly, investments in solid state drive (SSD) technology are streamlining storage and computing capacity in the data centre.

These following articles help to give a more in depth overview.

M2M can help you identify the right green solution for your server memory requirements.

Samsung DDR4 is an optimized solution for highly virtualized environments, high-performance computing and networking. Semiconductor modules of Samsung DDR4 are designed to deliver higher performance at a higherspeed than DDR2 and DDR3.

DDR4 can achieve more than 2 Gbps per pin beyond 30 Gbps bandwidth. Compared to DDR3L (low power DDR3), Samsung DDR4 shows overall performance improvement in every DIMM and approximately 30 percent better performance at 1 DIMM per channel.

Accelerated adoption of cloud computing, virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC) technologies has made higher-performing, higher-density memory a key factor for server operation. Highly virtualized environments enable companies to run numerous applications on a single server instead of multiple servers. A single server with more virtual machines (VMs) requires not only a higher processor speed, but also higher density in memory.

Requirements for memory become more diverse to support a wide range of enterprise server applications from less critical workloads to mission-critical workloads. Enterprise-level workloads, such as database or transaction processing run on high-end servers, need a large capacity of in-memory systems and higher reliability. Mid-range servers used for virtualization or consolidation require high bandwidth and scalability.

Small form factor, less power and low cost are essential requirements for workloads on low-end servers used as web, collaboration and infrastructure systems. Rising energy costs and the need to provide greater environmental sustainability are also placing demands on chipmakers and server vendors.

A server running a virtualized environment can achieve a higher utilization which, in turn, increases the total power consumption of server. As result, CPU and server companies are focusing intently on the development of next-generation green IT systems.

The memory that supports next-generation, green IT systems should meet the diverse demands of enterprise workloads with higher performance, increased density, improved reliability and low power consumption.

Samsung DDR4 SDRAM Provide an optimized solution for enterprise applications.

The Samsung portfolio of DDR4-based modules using 20 nm-class process technology, includes registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) and load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs).

These memory modules are available with initial speeds up to 2400 Mbps, increasing to the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) defined 3200 Mbps.

The portfolio includes the following modules:


Doubled bandwidth, along with reduced voltage and dramatically lower power consumption, improves performance and optimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO). Samsung DDR4’s enhanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features provide enhanced reliability and improved signal integrity (S/I).

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