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Samsung Client SSD


Forget past HDD performance. Samsung SSD sets the new standard.

Samsung is here to help you find the right high-speed storage solution for PC with our broad portfolio of SSDs suited to your needs. Samsung SSD outperforms HDD in every aspect, namely speed, endurance and power consumption.




SM961/SM951 – Best with NVMe.

SM961 and SM951 pride ultra-high performance of NVMe with the embedded high durability of NAND. Ideal for ultra-slim notebooks, SM951 series allows faster file copying and multi-tasking even in low-power operation.


PM961/PM951 – Outstanding performance and endurance.

PM961 and PM951 support advanced PCIe interface standard up to 4 lanes, empowering a much faster performance than the previous SATA SSD. PM961 and PM951 perform better at lower costs,and reliably withstands extreme environments.


PM871a/PM871 – Best for mainstream PC.

PM871 series is widely recognized and popular for its outstanding endurance and reliability using a SATA interface. Take advantage of this cost-effective solution for upgrading your device from traditional HDD to much more robust V-NAND SSD.


CM871a/CM871 – Superior to HDD in every aspect.

CM871 series uses flash memory with revolutionary technology, providing a perfect replacement for HDD. Today, CM871 series is available at a lower cost, allowing easier access to powerful performance for improved productivity as compared to conventional HDD storage.