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Samsung Enterprise SSD


Eradicating performance and efficiency bottlenecks.

Applications today need the right storage to process large amounts of data efficiently. Meet the 24/7 demands of data center and enterprise storage with Samsung SSD. Samsung’s comprehensive SSD portfolio helps you meet critical speed requirements with confidence, eradicating performance and efficiency bottlenecks.




PM1725 – Powerful workhorse

PM1725 is embedded with cutting-edge flash memory leveraging V-NAND technology. PM1725 uses a state-of-the-art NVMe interface to overcome all the bottlenecks experienced in SAS and SATA interfaces. Furthermore, PM1725 empowers the highest density to successfully process intensive and heavy enterprise workloads.


SM1635 – Performance that lasts.

SM1635 is designed to thrive in a mixed workload environment, optimal across VDI, financial, and e-commerce applications. With its SAS 12 Gb/s interface, an improvement over the previous SAS 6 Gb/s, SM1635 boasts faster performance in enterprise servers compared to competitors. It also delivers extended endurance of up to 10 DWPD for 5 years.


PM1633 – First-class read speed and capacity.

The PM1633 is suitable for online transaction processing (OLTP) and database (DB) applications deployed in an all-flash array configuration. Built on V-NAND technology, the PM1633 exceeds HDDs in both speed and capacity, achieving valuable cost effectiveness and outstanding reliability.


PM963/PM953 – Future performance available today

PM963 and PM953 present outstanding performance with instant responsiveness to the host system, by applying PCIe and NVMe with cost effectiveness. Through V-NAND, it also provides DWPD of 1.3 over 3 years which is higher than the competitors’ of the same density.

SM863a/SM863 – Lightning response time

SM863 series is designed to excel in data center’s intensive workload environment. It delivers consistently exceptional QoS (Quality of Service) as well as low latency in both random read/write. In environments like TPC-C (OLTP), SM863 series outperforms others in TPS and average response time.

PM863a/PM863 – Efficient in performance and cost

PM863 series offers double the capacity of the competition while handling heavy mixed workloads with reduced latency. PM863 series halves the cost of its rivals with lower power consumption. This is suitable for various servers including web, streaming, application and cache servers as a storage device.