Rethink Endurance with the Solidigm Endurance Estimator


Why is endurance so important?

SSD endurance is the total data an SSD is able to write during its warranty time. Nand flash memory within SSDs are stored in blocks and the endurance refers to how many program/ erase cycles can be applied to each block before the SSD becomes unreliable. A common misconception is that a high DWPD equals a high SSD endurance. Infact, It is the PBW ( Petabytes Written) that correctly indicates the endurance specification and will indicate the maximum number of petabytes which can be written to the drive.

The Solidigm Endurance Tool allows you to compare drives to find the perfect fit for your workload. Click here to access:

Endurance is the main difference that sets apart a consumer drive from an enterprise drive, the higher PBW enables intense workloads to run 24/7. Learn more below:

The in-house controller’s smart heat control delivers supreme power efficiency while maintaining ferocious speed and performance, to always keep you at the top of your game.

Solidigm QLC SSDs have a higher PBW than many TLC drives and is the perfect fit for intense workloads. 

The Solidigm™ D5-P5336 is part of Solidigm’s 4th generation QLC SSDs for the data centre. It is made to perform equally well in the heart of a data centre or in an edge deployment. 

The D5-P5336 efficiently accelerates more data, in widely adopted, read/data-intensive workloads, delivering up to 2.3X faster read performance than some TLC SSDs and nearly 600X faster reads than leading SAS HDDs.


The D5-P5336 SSD has a TweakTown Rating of 95%, to find out why click here: 

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