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Memory and Storage Specialists
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It is our objective to be easy to do business with, without any compromise in service level. We expect the very best in price, support, and logistical accuracy from our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we provide the very best in these areas to our customers.

The ability to deliver with flexibility and on very short timescales has been recognised by M2M and we therefore have multiple distribution hubs and also track local and European inventory that our manufacturers have available on a daily basis. Our objective in making this investment is to offer our customers the high level of service we believe will ensure long-term trust and a partnership based on successful deliverables.

At M2M you will be supported not only by World class products but also by best in class customer service.

We pride ourselves in being a professional organisation of specialists who can help you on a consulting basis whether its choosing an SSD or a Dram module for a laptop Windows 7 upgrade, to a recommendation on storage back up in a data centre, with an experienced knowledgeable Sales and Technical Team that can help you with all your needs.