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M2M Client devices

 high-quality memory and storage solutions for PC, Mac, and NUCs

Here at M2M Direct, we are proud to offer some of the best client components in the market to suit all types of builds. Our wide range of stock includes processors, motherboards, RAM, graphics cards, hard drives, SSDs, power supplies and much more.


the m2m Value Add

We offer the best in the market PC building solutions and an experienced team at M2M to help you get the most out of your build. Using cutting-edge technology, we have deployment-focused system upgrades and new build solutions that are reliable, durable, and affordable.

Working closely with our vendors allows us to provide our customers with competitive stock and pricing every day and high-quality memory and storage solutions for PC, Mac, and NUCs – with performance-driven SSD & DRAM for multitasking and faster data access.


global manufacturing partners

Component manufacturers are redefining the boundaries and potential of storage and memory every day and as an authorised, value-added distributor, our aim is to provide the most up-to-date client-based solutions all whilst providing an extended level of technical support and content-rich resources with our stock portfolio.


Client Solid Sate Drives

Client, SSD’s from leading manufacturers including Intel, Intenso, Samsung, SK hynix, Micron, Plextor, Crucial, Intenso, G.SKILL, Goodram, Verbatim and Lexar


Hard Disc Drives

Internal and external drives from Freecom, Intenso, Seagate, Verbatim, iStorage & Hitachi.


Desktop Memory

Desktop memory from Crucial, Samsung, Spectec Select, Solidigm, Lexar & Micron.


Laptop Memory

Laptop memory from Crucial, Samsung, Solidigm, Lexar & Micron.



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