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Enterprise & Storage Infrastructure

M2M are dedicated enterprise storage infrastructure and solutions experts with a comprehensive range of  SDS, All-Flash, Software Defined storage, Hybrid Cloud, Enterprise Storage and VDI Deployment enterprise storage systems.


Developed as a solution for large enterprises with heavy workloads of business-critical information, enterprise storage infrastructure and solutions should be: scalable for workloads, have unlimited connectivity and support all different platforms.

Enterprise storage includes benefits including:

  • high availability
  • disaster recovery
  • centralised administration
  • remote support
  • efficient & reliable backup

Within the storage platforms, multiple paths are created to all data, so that failure of a server never results in a loss of access to critical information.



M2M Partner Solutions

 Performance is also key from and enterprise storage system. In today’s world, speed is critical. Whether deployed in the Finance, E-gaming, Insurance, Healthcare or Media sector, the faster the storage, the faster and more effective the business can operate. 

M2M’s portfolio of enterprise storage ranges from next generation vendors, niche players in the market and the long standing giants of the storage world.

Whether it be All Flash, hybrid, or SDS, M2M offer Enterprise Storage solutions for most environments, workloads and applications offering high performance, great reliability and scalability.



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