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Help your customers save up to 63% on DRAM and SSDs


New servers outfitted with “original equipment manufactured” (OEM) memory and storage are among the most expensive technology purchases a company can make. But what if your customers could spend up to 2.5x less by adding components made by the experts at Micron instead?

Whether buying servers for a large enterprise or a small company, your customers are always looking for ways to optimize their budgets without giving up fast system performance, high-quality products or dependable service. Even better, your customers can save as much as 63% by equipping a new server with Micron components — all without giving up any of the performance or quality they need.


The truth about OEM components

Many name-brand OEM products are assembled using NAND and DRAM manufactured by Micron, which has been engineering the technology inside servers, systems, and laptops for more than 40 years.


Save up to 63% with Micron

How does buying preconfigured servers compare with servers populated with Micron components?


To demonstrate the potential for savings in a real-world scenario, Micron compared the costs of purchasing a fully configured server against a minimally configured one with added Micron memory and storage. They worked out a 63% savings over the OEM components!

If your customer can save more than £8k on one sever,
imagine how much they could save on an entire deployment!

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