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​7300 NVMe™ SSD


Get the fast, low latency and consistent performance of NVMe SSDs across your entire enterprise with the Micron 7300 series of NVMe SSDs.




Enterprise IT and cloud managers want the fast, low latency and consistent performance of NVMe storage that won’t break the budget. Micron offers the 7300 series of mainstream NVMe SSDs. Micron’s 7300 NVMe SSDs leverage the low power consumption and price-performance efficiencies of 3D NAND technology and deliver fast NVMe IOPS and GB/s for a wide array of workloads.

The Micron 7300 is planned for shipment in February 2020 to our partners and customers.




  • Extreme Value and Great TCO
  • 96-layer 3D TLC NAND offers low power and designed-in cost efficiencies.
  • NVMe Performance; Approachable Price Point
  • Get up to 6X the performance of enterprise SATA SSDs at comparable prices.

1 Micron 7300 PRO SSD 2TB U.2 with NVMe (3,000 MB/s sequential read) has 6X higher performance vs. Micron 5300 PRO SATA SSD 2TB (540 MB/s sequential read; 540 MB/s is the maximum bandwidth available to any SATA device) and MSRP as of August 2019.


Scalable Cloud Support


  • Leverage the low-latency and high-performance combination that the cloud demands.
  • Platform Flexibility
  • Choose from simple, scalable, in-platform single port storage or dual-port configuration for dual-controller designs.


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