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Performance, reliability & endurance:


M2M our proud to be an Intel IACS (Intel Approved Component Supplier), enabling our customer to earn and spend ITP points (Intel Technology Programme).

M2M stock a global portfolio of Intel ranges including Client and Enterprise SSD’s as well as the latest technologies like Optane.


Optane Memory & Storage:

Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory is an innovative memory technology that delivers  a unique combination of affordable large capacity and support for data persistence. This technology can help businesses get faster insights from their data-intensive applications as well as deliver the benefits of consistently improved service scalability with higher virtual machine and container density.


Data Centre Solutions:

We are Intel Data Centre solutions partner, stocking an array of Intel technologies that eliminate bottlenecks with the best data center storage solutions; modernising infrastructure to keep up with the demands of digital business.  Intel® SSDs for the data center are optimised for performance, reliability and endurance.



Take your PC to a new level of responsiveness and reliability. Designed for work and play, Intel® Solid State Drives deliver high performance, extreme stability, and power efficiency. With no moving parts, they provide excellent storage for any application—from spreadsheets and word processing to content management.



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