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Specifying Micron 7450, 5400 and 9400 serise on a server build can help your customers save up to 63% on DRAM and SSDs


New servers outfitted with “original equipment manufactured” (OEM) memory and storage are among the most expensive technology purchases a company can make. But what if your customers could spend up to 2.5x less by adding components made by the experts at Micron instead?

Whether buying servers for a large enterprise or a small company, your customers are always looking for ways to optimize their budgets without giving up fast system performance, high-quality products or dependable service. Even better, your customers can save as much as 63% by equipping a new server with Micron components — all without giving up any of the performance or quality they need.


The truth about OEM components

Many name-brand OEM products are assembled using NAND and DRAM manufactured by Micron, which has been engineering the technology inside servers, systems, and laptops for more than 40 years.

Micron 7450 NVMe™


The world’s most advanced 176-layer NAND data centre SSD, delivering exceptional latency and PCIe Gen4 with extensive deployment options.

 Micron 9400 NVMe™


Critical workloads like caching, online transaction processing, high-frequency trading, artificial intelligence and performance-focused databases.

Micron 5400 NVMe™


The industry’s most advanced SATA SSD’s with proven architecture that delivers performance across diverse storage needs.

Micron 7450 NVMe™ SSD


The Micron 7450 NVMe SSD enables storage for cloud-scale and enterprise data centres to support a variety of workloads.


The 7450 SSD is built on Micron’s state-of-the-art, 176-layer NAND. Available in the broadest range of PCIe® Gen4 SSD form factors enabling you to use the Micron 7450 for all major platform functions (boot, cache and main data storage). The Micron 7450 SSD consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency for 99.9999% QoS1 and offers next-generation security features such as Micron’s unique Secure Execution Environment.2 It is designed for high-capacity SSD needs and includes a PCIe Gen4 M.2 22x80mm with power-loss protection model — specifically designed for server boot use.

Additionally, the Micron 7450 SSD supports OCP NVMe SSD 2.03 ― providing the intelligent management that facilitates rapid and proactive resolution of common data centre challenges.



7450 SSD Benefits

Improves Storage Performance Across Data Center Workloads
The Micron 7450 SSD utilizes Micron’s innovative 176-layer NAND. The Micron 7450 combines the high layer count NAND with Micron’s CMOS-under-array technology and PCIe Gen4 to provide industry-leading performance4 ― enabling faster booting and improved application responsiveness.

Enables Rapid, Reliable and Responsive Data Center Workloads
The Micron 7450 SSD consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency for 99.9999% QoS4 improving performance in databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, RocksDB, Cassandra and Aerospike.5

Delivers OCP NVMe SSD 2.0 Support6 – Enabling Rapid Resolution of Common Data Center Issues
The Micron 7450 SSD latency monitoring7 improves monitoring and diagnostics in production environments. Additionally, administrative commands allow standardized control over functions such as namespaces and security, easily integrating with OCP-compliant management systems7.

Micron 9400 NVMe™ SSD


The new performance leader for Data Center workloads.

The Micron 9400 SSD sets a new performance standard for PCIe® Gen4 storage, delivering up to 2.3 times more mixed workload performance and improving power efficiency by up to 77% over major competitors. The Micron 9400 is available in industry-leading capacities up to 30.72TB3 ― which enables maximum rack-level storage density.  The Micron 9400 SSD is built to manage critical workloads like caching, online transaction processing, high-frequency trading, AI and performance-focused databases requiring extreme performance. The Micron 9400 enables these workloads and more for flexible deployment in hyper-scale, cloud, data centre, OEM and system integrator designs.


9400 NVMe Benefits
  1. Leading capacity requires fewer servers to capitalize on immense data
  2. Leading storage performance that impacts real-world applications
  3. Higher power efficiency reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to prior SSD generation.

Micron 5400 NVMe™ SSD


The Industry’s Most Advanced Data Center SATA SSD, Micron’s 5400 SSD combines Micron’s proven data centre SATA architecture with its advanced 176-layer NAND technology to give customers the best of both worlds.

Get more from your SATA platforms with SSDs that have 50% better reliability (mean time to failure, MTTF rating)1 and up to 50% greater endurance than the other leading SATA SSD.2 With the industry’s broadest portfolio of data centre SATA SSDs, the Micron 5400 gives you extensive options to get more out of every SATA socket in your servers. The Micron 5400 SSD is available in capacities ranging from 240GB to 7.68TB.3


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