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Working From Home Gift Box

To celebrate the recent launch of Micron Server Memory completing Micron’s full memory and storage enterprise portfolio, we are sending our customers a gift to help make working from home that little bit easier. Please fill in the form below to let us know where to send the gift to. 

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   Micron Server Memory

Speed up applications and get more out of your customer’s IT budget with Micron Server DRAM. Maximizing installed memory capacity with Micron Server DRAM is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your deployments faster and more efficient.



key features


Increase server and workstation performance


Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® processor product families


100% component and module tested to mission-critical server standards


A wide selection of module types including RDIMM, LRDIMM, ECC UDIMM, ECC SODIMM, and NVDIMM

M2M Direct
Hanover Place
8 Ravensbourne Road
Bromley, Kent BR1 1HP


0208 676 6067

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