Crucial Memory

                                     speed up your system

Crucial Memory

speed up your system

Improve device performance 


Upgrading your computer memory is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to immediately improve the performance of your device. If your laptop, desktop, workstation, or Mac® system is running slowly, installing more memory takes as little as five minutes and delivers immediate and lasting improvements to your computer. Speed up your system, increase responsiveness, multitask with ease, and extend the lifespan of your computer with a reliable DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5 component.

Crucial DDR5 RAM Key Features:


Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® processors.

100% component and module tested to mission-critical server standards.

Three-year limited warranty.

Available in a wide selection of module configurations.

Micron DDR5 delivers up to 2x the memory bandwidth1 compared to DDR4


Crucial DDR4 RAM Key Features:


Increase server and workstation

Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® processor product families.

100% component and module tested to mission-critical server standards

Three-year warranty


Crucial DDR5

Next-gen CPUs need Crucial DDR5 RAM

Crucial DDR5 is a new groundbreaking technology that’s engineered to handle the skyrocketing processing demands of next-gen computers, taking a giant leap forward in speed and performance from the previous generation.

DDR5 RAM from Crucial = next-level performance

The phenomenal speed of DDR5 means you can have multiple Chrome tabs open while watching YouTube, editing family photos, and chatting with friends on social media. To work not just faster but also better, DDR5 is engineered for efficiency so you can load, transfer, and download files faster, with less lag time.

DDR5 RAM = optimized stability and increased efficiency

Crucial DDR5 provides the same lasting reliability as DDR4, even with the rigorous demands of next-gen computing. With improved stability and efficiency, DDR5 provides stronger signaling and cleaner power.


Crucial DDR4 

Mac, desktop and laptop memory

Crucial DDR4 memory allows you to get more out of every single memory module. DDR4’s higher-density modules allow for greater RAM capacity, paving the way for impeccable performance. DDR4 memory is up to twice as fast as DDR3 technology, delivering 50% more bandwidth and 40% more energy efficiency. Upgrade your desktop RAM and laptop RAM with Crucial DDR4 and enjoy faster application load times, increased responsiveness, and easy handling of data-intensive programs.



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